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Questions & Answers / FAQ

Refurbished products are just as good as new products in technical terms. Each device undergoes thorough cleaning, professional testing and is expertly repaired if defects are found. The products are offered at a lower price and are an environmentally friendly alternative to buying new.

Our refurbished products are divided into three categories: "Excellent", "Very good" and "Good". Regardless of their external appearance, all products in these categories function as new.

The batteries in our refurbished products have a minimum capacity of 80%. Each device is thoroughly checked using special software to determine the battery condition. If the battery capacity is below this threshold, the batteries are completely replaced.

An invoice with VAT is issued for every order. If it is an intra-Community delivery, our customers have the option of having the VAT refunded after checking the VAT ID.

Our customers receive a guarantee that is valid for at least one year from receipt of the shipment.